GOption encoding trouble (was Re: Glib: a Win32 discussion)

At 07.04.2011 05:09, Krzysztof Kosiński wrote:
2011/4/6 Kean Johnston<kean johnston gmail com>:

WARNING: long, detailed message. If you don't care about Win32, move on.

Other annoying Windows issues specific to glib:

I seriously doubt this win32 specific. It's a question of default encoding of the terminal, the application and last but not least the file system. This is 'solved' on recent Linux by making all these utf8, but at least I remember the time of G_BROKEN_FILENAMES and G_FILENAME_ENCODING ;)

1. GOption fails hard for filenames which are in a language different
than your Windows. E.g. Chinese or Russian filenames on English
Windows. The arguments passed to main() contain "?" in place of the
Chinese / Russian characters and that's just not enough information to
correctly identify the file. More detail in the bug:

Unfortunately none of the patches in bug #522131 fullfilled all the requirements. And I do no have a good idea to solve it in GLib either. The same problem was solved application specific to Dia with

2. GApplication. Mentioned in the mail. This functionality is
traditionally implemented using named mutexes and shared memory.

For me the trouble is still the desired scope of GApplication, namely how much IPC is really necessary. And is it supposed to be platform IPC (like COM on win32) or GLib specific?

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