GLib status update

Hello everyone,

I just released GLib 2.25.16 and 2.27.0.

The 'master' branch in git is now tracking the 2.27.x series and the
2.25.x series is on the 'glib-2-26' branch.

'master' is more or less completely open now (except for the normal
restriction that any changes must be backward compatible with what's
currently in the glib-2-26 branch).  Any bug fixes made here should be
cherry-picked into the glib-2-26 branch.

We expect that there may be some other last minute changes impacting the
API of 2.25.x.  Those changes should be discussed here or on IRC, before
being made to both branches at the same time.  We should really keep
that to a minimum though, since I just made a release announcement
promising no big changes.

'glib-2-26' should be considered frozen for all other purposes.


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