GLib 2.25.16 and 2.27.0 released

Good evening,

I've just released a pair of GLib tarballs -- 2.25.16 and 2.27.0.

You can find them in the usual place:

    dd7243298504792ab717cea138554ab7edb8ec4145f6b9b0839ffe3ae0ad39f2  glib-2.25.16.tar.bz2
    2735ad0973958c32f86076d61d54a74585adc68b6297b9c8906726fed87f8b08  glib-2.25.16.tar.gz

    7266a9580e6984658b3c55bd2683289416e87a26c35e7b1b5f6d5ac87db9ddf4  glib-2.27.0.tar.bz2
    ab6ba044e1533c5857f0a21f32a4f37299819c9d8a61447f2bc3416f5fb81ce3  glib-2.27.0.tar.gz

GLib 2.25.16 is what will become 2.26.0, released as part of GNOME
2.32.0.  At this point the API is to be considered more or less stable.
There may be API tweaks to address portability issues for some rarely
used classes (GTimeZone and GCredentials) but no more major changes and
no more changes to commonly used APIs.

GLib 2.27.0 is the first release in the new 2.27 series that will go
toward creating GLib 2.28.0.  This is now the git 'master' branch.  GTK3
targets 2.27.x and 2.28.0 will be released alongside GTK 3.0.  This is
currently planned for late December 2010.  There are no API stability
promises for the 2.27 series.

At this point, the only difference between the two releases is that
GApplication and related classes have been removed from 2.25.16, whereas
they are still in 2.27.0.

The two versions are not parallel installable.

Both releases can be seen as successors to 2.25.15, and other than the
GApplication removal, they share the same list of changes:

  - massive restructuring to reduce #include abuse
  - tweaks to silence some harmless compiler warnings
  - rename gschema-compile.c to glib-compile-schemas.c
  - Windows fixes
  - fix building with zlib < 1.2.4 on win32

  - better msgctxt for translating month and weekday names
  - API is changed quite a lot, implementation is improved
  - GTimeZone is now exposed

  - make ordering for overridden interface properties consistent
  - ->priv structures are limited to 64k but this was not documented,
    and exceeding this limit produced bad results.  Add docs and enforce
    the limit properly.
  - add g_object_class_install_properties() to install multiple
    properties in one go
  - improve debugging output for GValue containing G_TYPE_STRV

  - fix priority sorting of GIO extensions
  - add GCredentials support on FreeBSD
  - fix support for IPv6 addresses in URI parsing functions
  - GSocketClient fixes for when g_socket_connect succeeds immediately
  - clarify string encoding for GFile constructors in docs
  - new functions g_data_input_stream_read_upto{,async,finish}
  - tweak confusing documentation for g_output_stream_write()

  - GDBusMessage can now be locked and copied (like in libdbus)
  - GDBusConnection filter function API has changed again
  - GDBusServer: ::new-connection now declares if the connection was claimed
  - add a partial workaround for GObject bug 627724.
  - very many memory leaks fixed

  - check for size == 0 in g_variant_get_bytestring to avoid a crash
    when attempting to get_bytestring() from an empty array
  - improve gobject-introspection annotations

  - add GSettings Windows registry backend
  - some internal tweaks to the backend API
  - remove g_settings_list_items
  - add g_settings_list_children and _list_keys to replace it
  - add schema compiler restrictions for dealing with lists
  - don't automatically emit value changed signals on writability

  - constify the 'parser' vtable param to g_markup_parse_context_push()
  - plug many memory leaks in test cases

Bugs closed:
  50076 Time API to go with date API
 584284 g_data_input_stream_read_until_async different from sync version
 624546 Modification of GDBusMessage in filter function
 626919 Let g_object_class_install_property() return the installed GParamSpec*
 628029 GDateTime missing get_week_of_year method
 628253 Interface properties not listed in a consistent order
 628331 Plug lots of mem leaks in gio test suite
 628345 Plug a mem leak
 628436 Plug a mem leak
 628505 Fix building with zlib < 1.2.4 on win32
 628839 [PATCH] datetime: Rename shadowing variables
 628904 [PATCH] Add credential support for FreeBSD and fix a socket issue
 628952 incorrect glib_major_version and other variables on cygwin.
 629192 g_strdup_value_contents(): dump GStrv more usefully
 629251 g_socket_client_async_connect_complete: assertion failed
 629259 Failed to connect to "::1"
 629328 g_markup_parse_context_push doesn't respect const structs
 629429 month "May" short and full form same with "GDateTime" msgctxt
 629689 GDBusConnection leaks its GCredentials
 629698 Segfault in g_variant_get_bytestring() 

Updated translations:
  British English
  Norwegian bokmål
  Simplified Chinese
  Traditional Chinese

The list of contributors since 2.25.15:
  Benjamin Otte
  Christian Hergert
  Christian Persch
  Damien Lespiau
  Dan Winship
  David Zeuthen
  Emmanuele Bassi
  Joe Marcus Clarke
  Jon Nordby
  Kristian Rietveld
  Matthias Clasen
  Sam Thursfield
  Thiago Santos
  Tomeu Vizoso
  Tor Lillqvist
  Will Thompson

Ryan Lortie
September 17 2010

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