Re: rendering-cleanup-next

I just pushed an update to rendering-cleanup and
rendering-cleanup-next that incorporates the suggestions from this
thread. In particular:
- I squelched commits
The fixes from Kris for OS X should now be in their correct position
and allow compiling random checkouts so git bisect works on OS X
(hopefully). Also, I squelched the background handling fixes Havoc
mentioned in his mail
- GtkWidget::draw now doesn't pass width/height
You just get the widget and a cairo_t now. To get the values
previously passed as width and height, I introduced
gtk_widget_get_allocated_width/height(). They return
widget->priv->allocation.width/height, but are way nicer to use.
- The draw signal handlers are properly guarded by cairo_save/restore()
This was only discussed on IRC, but I thought it's worth mentioning here.

I consider this API prtty much done at this point. There might be some
implementation details that we might want to change later (like
background handling), but we can do that after rendering-leanup-next
hit master. So I consider it ready to merge.



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