Re: padding cleanup

On 12 September 2010 06:21, Havoc Pennington <hp pobox com> wrote:
> Something that occurred to me mid-bisect is that with Benjamin's
> draw() work, it would probably be straightforward to write the
> following test program:
> * instantiate every widget type in GTK (or even various modes of every
> widget type, like different text styles, wrap or not, padding/border
> or not, etc.)
> * dump a giant directory of PNGs representing the paint of every one
> of those in every GtkStateType
> This is already useful because it can be manually inspected and used
> for example to verify that a theme engine works.
> But then a natural extension is that you could write a "PNG cmp" tool
> (load two PNG, compare pixels). Then dump widget renders before, dump
> widget renders after, compare.

Just a heads up - For Unity's rendering tests we use a tool called
perceptualdiff to do exactly this. So no need to write your own unless
you have very specific features in mind.


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