Re: padding cleanup


I pushed the changes I had in mind to the widget-padding branch. I
have a rebased/squashed branch cleaned up for merging, too, if anyone
wants me to push or send that version.

the changes are:

733991c84df4300ec54af8b557385759a93360f0 Rename GtkWidget padding to margin
83008588e162b78f8f66ba371c3691a2ca759f3b Use gint16 for GtkBorder
cbfbe68eca5835f8b0151ca77f01ab8b370c50d8 Adapt to widget->allocation
becoming private
dd3f8cefeb386a34b170b200705dc482435efa84 Just use GtkBorder for
padding in GtkAuxInfo

If I forgot something we talked about let me know. Otherwise I think
this could be merged to master or given a final review.

I guess a pending task is to use
gtk_container_class_handle_border_width() more, and/or add a GtkMisc
equivalent, but not sure we need to block on that.


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