Re: pixbuf<->cairo_surface_t conversion

On Fri, 2010-09-03 at 21:49 +0100, Alberto Ruiz wrote:

> > For what it's worth, libgpod has a gdk-pixbuf dependency and no cairo dep,
> > and people complain from time to time about that dependency (though that's
> > mainly on distros where gdk-pixbuf is in the same package as gtk+, which
> > will no longer be the case with gtk3). So I don't know how they will react
> > to an additional cairo dep ;)
> Well, since currently gdk-pixbuf comes inside Gtk+, and Gtk+ depends
> on cairo.

this is not true any more, since GDK-Pixbuf has been split from GTK+ and
it's a separate library once again.



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