Re: pixbuf<->cairo_surface_t conversion


On Fri, Sep 3, 2010 at 11:35 AM, Shawn Bakhtiar <shashaness hotmail com> wrote:
> Sorry this may be a very inept question:
> How will this effect integration with OpenGL. I know we use a lot of
> get/sets on pixels buffers; off screen rendering, textured (especial
> animated) and tricks. You want and need that raw data access. taking it way
> I think would also break GTKGLExt if I am not mistaken?

This pixbuf stuff shouldn't affect opengl (except by possibly
eliminating a conversion, since a GL implementation is more likely to
support the cairo format than the classic format, I think)

Native-requiring widgets like GLExt and XEmbed and whatever will just
be special cased in GTK someway and won't draw to a cairo context.
This is an issue for Benjamin's rendering cleanup, but not related to


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