Re: Wrapping Box Container

On Mon, 2010-08-30 at 22:07 -0400, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> While I'm making trivial comments about wrap box - there's START/END
> in several other enums, rather than BEGIN/END (just look through
> gtkenums.h, wrap box is the only BEGIN)
> @GTK_WRAP_BOX_SPREAD_EVEN description says "evenly distributed between
> children" which I think means "as spacing between children" but I read
> it several times thinking it meant the children got the space (as in

Thanks a lot for your comments Havoc :)

I'll make the change for BEGIN->START to be more consistent with other
apis... good point.

SPREAD_EVEN is exactly that.. adding extra space between the children as
spacing, and there is SPREAD_EXPAND for the other (not sure if that
could be better explained).

Regarding your other mail in this thread... I agree the _insert_child()
api has alot of arguments, my original idea was to simply reuse
GtkAttachOptions enum (except I'm not sure exactly what to do with

What would we prefer here ? A single AttachOptions type which can
be used amongst many containers or a custom enumeration ?

> also, there's a lot of trailing whitespace showing up red in my emacs ;-)

I'll give a look into that...


> Havoc

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