Re: thoughts on GSettingsList

On 05/15/2010 03:56 PM, Christian Persch wrote:
> Hi;
>> Behdad Esfahbod <behdad behdad org> wrote:
>> In g-t, the user names a profile and can rename it later.  The name
>> can have arbitrary Unicode characters.  Logically it means that the
>> name cannot be used directly in the conf database, so g-t cleans it
>> up.  Moreover, since profile renames are supported, the conf name for
>> a new item may already be taken.  Say:
>>   - User creates profile "Remote Server", it shows up in the database
>> as profiles/remote-server/
>>   - Later on, use renames "Remote Server" to "Old Server".  The
>> database key remains at profiles/remote-server/
>>   - User creates new profile called "Remote Server", the database key
>> profiles/remote-server/ is taken, so we use profiles/remote-server-2/
> That might be how g-t used to work, but it doesn't do it this way
> anymore. It just uses "ProfileN" as gconf directory name for new
> profiles, where N is the first unused number.

Right.  But it would be more useful for browsing if it does use the profile
name as a hint like it used to...


> 	Christian

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