Minutes of the gtk+ team IRC meeting - 2010-05-11

• 2.90 status update (mclasen)
- 2.90 and 2.21 released
- 2.90 provides 3.x API and is parallel installable with 2.x
- next step in master: remove deprecated things and start the merge of xi2
  + that would result in 2.91
- xi2-related: quartz patches have been merged
  + win32 is missing, but garnacho is looking at that
  + multi-device is blocked upstream, so it will be punted

• Composite containers with GtkBuilder (tristan)
- define a composite widget using GtkBuilder
- export as class, with minimal OO wrapper in GtkComposite
- similar to NIB files on Quartz
- needs more review, especially for language bindings/introspection

• GDBus status update (mclasen, davidz)
- we have a merge branch
- this produced some API reviews
- there is a TODO in gio/gdbusconnection.c
- some internal cleanup and loose ends, nothing major
- the porting guide needs fleshing out
- merge target date: friday, with a glib snapshot before the weekend

• Monet (thos)
- new widget drawing API/engine
- abstraction above Style/RcStyle for widget drawing
- separate library, possibly shared between projects
- theme engine for gtk 2.x compatibility
- mostly orthogonal to GtkStyleContext
- some more radical features (delegate positional style properties to engines,
  for instance) depend on how much can the internals of gtk+ be changed
- changing GtkStyle is going to be very much invasive
- it would be possible to use GtkStyleContext instead
  + full deprecation of GtkStyle
  + GtkStyle would be a shallow object on top of StyleContext

• Proxy and TLS code for GIO (danw)
- libproxy (from stormer)
- gnutls/nss (from danw)
- using GIO extension points
- options:
  a) lives in GIO
  b) lives in GVFS (even though it's needed on win32 as well)
  c) separate module (gnio?)
- no licensing complications
- option a) is similar to the file notification situation
  + potential for distributions to split up the packages
- option c) would allow shipping it inside libproxy
  + potential for deprecation at a later date if we manage to find a
    good in-tree solution
- circular dependency on libproxy

• Deprecations in the 3.x cycle (jjardon)
- need to close the last bits for app developers
- mostly the H|V variants for Orientable widgets
- GtkTearoffMenu
- GtkRuler?
- GtkHSV?
ACTION: compile a list and send it to gtk-devel-list for discussion (jjardon)

next meeting: 2010-05-25


W: http://www.emmanuelebassi.name
B: http://blogs.gnome.org/ebassi

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