Re: impending gdbus merge

On Thu, 6 May 2010 14:06:40 -0400, Matthias Clasen
> Hey,
> I thought I should let everybody know that we are getting very close
> to merging gdbus into GLib. David has created a gdbus-merge branch
> where we'll stage things before the final merge to master. So, if you
> haven't payed attention to gdbus yet, or haven't looked at it in a
> while, gdbus-merge is the branch to watch in the next few days.
> So far, everybody who has looked at or played with Davids gdbus work
> has said nice things about it, so I think this will be very good to
> have in GLib proper, finally. And about time too, since a number of
> GNOME3 things block on it.
> I expect to do another GLib release as soon as the gdbus bits have
> been fully integrated, sometime next week.


Been looking over the code and generally I am loving it :-)

I have two questions though. Firstly; why is there no API for installing
and removing generic match rules? They seem like such a fundamental
thing in DBus, and there alreay is API for installing filter funcs
anyway. Of course I can just call the AddMatch method asynchronously
myself, but having the convenience API like libdbus provides is mighty

I can see that there is a touch of match-rule-magic in
g_dbus_connection_signal_subscribe() but that wont cut it for the use
cases I have on my table - which fx. is listening for RequestName with a
given arg0 (and soon also to other messages with given interface,
member, arg0, and arg1).

Second thing - are there any plans for an IDL-like compiler like eggdbus
currently ships? Implementing my DBus interfaces with compile-time type
safety and with GInterfaces is a mighty nice thing.


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