Minutes of the GTK+ IRC team meeting - 2010-05-04

• xi2 branch status (garnacho)
- pending merge of kris patches for quartz
- win32 simple fallback in progress
- changes in multi-device handling upstream make merge harder
- possibly solved soon
ACTION: merge basic API, then multi-device handling when the dust settles in X11-land

• GtkStyle sealing (garnacho)
- garnacho has been working on a GtkStyle replacement
- CSS and new API
- gtk_paint_* re-implemented on top of the style context
- GtkStyle should get sensible data filled from the CSS
- engines will have to change, but the API has been kept similar
- still needs changed

• GtkTextView->need_im_reset accessor (jjardon, pbor)
- comments on the bug
- sub-classes need access to the IMContext to set/reset the state
ACTION: add accessors and update documentation for sub-classes

• Session management API (jjardon)
- we need: autostart, session-end-notification and window-state saving
- EggSMClient is not the answer
- GtkApplication would solve session-end-notification and should have the other bits

• Application class (ebassi, walters)
- walters has a stand-alone implementation
- needs review and some free cycles
- depends on gdbus, which is getting merged next week
ACTION: merge gdbus
ACTION: start reviewing GtkApplication on gtk-devel

• GdkRegion → cairo_region_t (Company)
- getting rid of yet another region copy
- use cairo_region_t and cairo_rectangle_t
- ABI stable
- API issues:
  + includes cairo.h unconditionally
  + changes typedefs and some (c++) projects pre-define those (webkit)
- proposal: deprecate in 2.x and remove GdkRegion in 3.0
- typedef cairo_rectangle_t GdkRectangle

• gtk-2-90 branch and gtk+ 2.90 release
- merge gtk-2-90 into master as soon as:
  a) we have stable branches
  b) gtk-2-90 works
- we have a), and close on b)
- some test failing
- merge ASAP and roll the first 2.90 release, to iron out the kinks in the extended layout API and implementation
ACTION: merge gtk-2-90 into master
ACTION: release 2.90.0

• non-abstract orientable widgets in 2.22
- still blocked on the default values for properties
- need a decision on the ones that have been identified
- changing defaults is problematic for Glade and GtkBuilder
- Glade and/or GtkBuilder need to know which defaults are used by which version of gtk+

next meeting: 2010-05-11, 20:00 UTC

the log is available at: http://live.gnome.org/GTK+/Meetings


W: http://www.emmanuelebassi.name
B: http://blogs.gnome.org/ebassi

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