Minutes of the GTK+ Team Meeting - 2010-03-23

= Minutes of the 2010-03-23 GTK+ Team Meeting =

- Client-Side-Windows on Win32 needs work, but currently it is unclear
  who can step up to do it. Alberto Ruiz suggested he might help out.

- GdkRectangle, GdkRegion, gdk_cairo_rectangle, gdk_cairo_region should
  be mapped to cairo_rectangle_t and cairo_region_t, in the 2.90 branch

- Goals for 2.90
  . Remaining accessors (GDK, GtkStyle)
  . Move all struct members to private structs
  . XInput2
  . Client-Side-Decorations
  . (Optional features such as RI or Extended Layout)
  . Release around September

- Create a branch for 2.22
  . Cherry-pick new accessors, deprecations, bug-fixes
  . Will be API-compatible with 2.90

It was concluded that it would be sensible to merge 2-90 with master,
effectively replacing it, as soon as Matthias decides to branch off
the stable 2.20. And additionally API enhancements will be cherry-picked
to the 2.22 branch.

See also http://live.gnome.org/GTK+/Meetings


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