Re: glib-2.22.5, gtk-2.18.8 and firefox 3.6

On Tue, 16 Mar 2010, Marty Jack wrote:

> I confirm this.  LFS, glib-2.22.4, gtk-2.18.8, firefox 3.6 and
> thunderbird 3.0.3 both fail on startup with that or a similar
> backtrace.  Every other GTK application I tried worked before I
> reverted to 2.18.7.

Same here (firefox 3.6 was the only GTK app I tried that failed
with gtk-2.18.8). After some bisection:

* The GLib update from 2.22.4 to 2.22.5 is not relevant.
* The GTK change that prevents firefox 3.6 from running is the
  modification of gtk/gtkentry.c.

The only change in gtkentry.c is the addition of the code

 gtk_editable_set_position (GTK_EDITABLE (entry), 0);
 gtk_entry_recompute (entry);

in two places in the function gtk_entry_set_buffer(). It is the
second use of this code that produces the segfault.  I don't
pretend to understand exactly what's going on here, but I notice
that the first use is conditional on priv->buffer not being NULL.
If I conditionalize the second invocation in the same way firefox
does not crash.

Allin Cottrell

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