Theming migration proposal [Was: Re: GTK+ at the UX Hackfest]


On lun, 2010-03-01 at 14:57 +0000, Bastien Nocera wrote:


> Theming
> -------
> Just a couple of opened questions:
> - GTK+ 3.0 theme. How final are the widget set used in the various
> mockups that were posted during the UX hackfest? Cody mentioned that
> this is something he might be able to allocate some time for. Thomas
> Wood might be able to help (though he was non-committal when we
> mentioned it during the hackfest)

Recently I've started working again on refining the ideas that sprung
from the Dublin theming hackfest. I've written down the proposal in:

The main benefit I see in this approach is that it would allow
incremental development. After the main infrastructure and the new
theming API are in place, any missing items (newer rc files syntax, use
all api features in widgets, updating engines) could be done pretty much

Although there's not much code put together yet, a lot can be taken from
what was started back then [1], so I'm quite positive that I may have
something tangible within weeks.



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