Re: cross compiling GTK+ on Linux for Windows

> How are the binaries in built?

Currently, locally on Windows, using MinGW and MSYS. Look in the
developer zip files for "src/tml/packaging/*.{sh,log} which are the
shell scripts used to build the packages, and the output from those

But, I build natively on Windows only because I have a long experience
of doing that, and have acquired the necessary dark skills and hacks
required to make it work relatively smoothly.

For anybody new looking into it, I certainly recommend using
cross-compilation. Have a look at the spec files for the
cross-compiled GTK+ stack (and much more) for Windows in the OpenSUSE
Build Service. See
for the source RPMS, and sibling directories for "noarch" RPMs
containing in fact Windows binaries. My plan is that eventually the
Windows binaries offered from / will come
from the OpenSUSE Build Service projects.

As you also use an RPM-based distro, the concepts should be familiar
to you. And actually, there is a similar, in fact older, Fedora-based
effort to cross-compile GTK+ and stuff for Windows.


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