Breaking things in git master...

commit 32f2e9a85beedeea36ac7623f68f6eb878465d44
Author: David Zeuthen <davidz redhat com>
Date:   Fri Jun 11 15:45:18 2010 -0400
    Nuke g_bus_watch_proxy() since one can now more or less use GDBusProxy
    for this.
    Also nuke the GType parameter from the GDBusProxy constructors as
    requested here:

Whilst I understand the need to break API now, it would be nice to
send a note to the devel mailing list with a "heads up" --- so I don't
come back to my machine and try to do a demo finding things don't
compile anymore.

There's also fallout to other more important projects than mine:

[hughsie hughsie-t61 src]$ gedit gcm-inspect.c
gedit: symbol lookup error: gedit: undefined symbol: g_bus_watch_proxy

Mini rant over. Thanks.


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