Re: rendering-cleanup

On Thu, 2010-07-22 at 04:54 +0200, Benjamin Otte wrote:

> As many of you have already noticed, I've been frantically hacking
> away on my Gtk rendering-cleanup branch[1].

thanks, Benjamin: this is very much appreciated.

> The work is done and the code runs now. Well, at least testgtk and
> gtk3-demo do. On X11. I'd be happy if others could take it for a spin
> and find issues with it or even have a go at Quartz and Win32 code.

I agree with you that the two main blockers for a merge are:

  • win32 and quartz backends need to be checked; since the amount of
the X11 platform they need to replicate/reimplement is actually
decreased by this work, it might be the easiest (mileage may vary) task.

  • verify that big gtk+ applications, like Gimp, work; and that big
applications using gtk+, like Firefox, are not horribly broken.

> The work is tracked in bug 624255[2] and further discussions should
> happen there.

actually, they should also happen here. :-)

> Also, I'm aware that we are very close to a release. I'd understand if
> that'd make people not want to merge it. But I think it's worth it and
> the impact is very small compared to the other changes in Gtk3.

I tend to agree, though we really need app developers to look at this.
fpeters has been kind enough to generate usage reports in the platform:

and we should try to get them to the green all over at least the desktop

a porting guide from the old code to the new would also help immensely.



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