Case insensitive search in GtkTextIter

Hey guys,

    case insensitive search in GtkTextView has been an open RFE for almost a decade now [0].

GtkSourceView contains an implementation of this feature and with the arrival of Gtk3 (which also means ABI break for GtkSourceView3 and many of the bindings) we thought it would be a good time to propose to finally move it in GTK proper.

The reasons are the following:
  • The code has been stable and widely tested for several years
  • The api is a clear extension of the current GtkTexIter api (just an additional flag to the search functions)
  • This would be way better for introspection, since GtkTextIter is not an extensible object. This means that bindings could finally have iter.find(...) instead of something like GtkSource.iter_find(iter, ...)
  • The code is cut and pasted in a lot of projects [1], and the switch to gtk3 would be a good time for them to drop the cut&pasted code
For what I know, back in the day when the GtkSourceIter implementation was proposed for inclusion, it was rejected because implementation could be more memory efficient. However, 9 years of waiting show that a better implementation will not magically appear. Having it included means that:
  • api will be there for all the projects that need it and do not seem to be affected by any major performance problem
  • maybe trigger interest by someone who wants to optimize it (if performance is a real problem on today's machines)
If there is some agreement about this we can provide a patch moving the GtkSourceView implementation to Gtk [0]: [1]:

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