Re: Color managed GtkImage

2010/1/11 Jon Cruz <jon joncruz org>:
>> This probably also means that you need to take (at least) Win32 and OS X
>> into account when designing the public GTK+ APIs - e.g. you need to make
>> sure the API can be implemented on these platforms preferably using
>> native Win32 and OS X color management APIs.

Sure, I'm mocking something up now based on GIOExtensionPoint

> I think it is also important to get an overall workflow and use of the API defined, including what it does and does not do.
> One of the problems I've seen is that for correct previewing an application should only 'color manage' a final composited buffer

A serious image processing application will still need to use lcms
itself. What I'm proposing would be suitable for image previews, image
and slide-show applications and that sort of thing. Anything that just
wants to display an image to the screen, rather than edit ad convert

>"Everything is converted to sRGB" is one possible solution, but things need to be explicit.

I think shoehorning everything into sRGB would be a very bad idea.


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