Re: Valgrind and GTK

Tor Lillqvist wrote:

> I think much of this boils down to the definition of "leak". My
> impression is that GTK+ and GLib developers don't consider as leaks
> once-only allocations that either indeed truly are unreachable almost
> right away after being used (as long as they are small) (but of
> course, if possible one should avoid these, too), or only unreachable
> when the program is exiting. I tend to agree.

That argument has merit, but its one that I cannot fully agree with.

Regardless of the merits of that argument, my main problem is that it
is so difficult to find real leaks amongst the thousands of false

I also have my doubts about the usage of valgrind suppression files.
I have a suspicion (as yet unproven) that it would be possible to write
a program which really does leak memory but which is reported as leak
free by valgrind with the standard gtk suppressions file.

Erik de Castro Lopo

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