Re: When deprecating, always say what the replacement is.

> As a matter of fact, it is. There is not supposed to be any
> replacement for the stuff that says "Do not use it". Everything
> that has a replacement is however documented.
> So please, a little research before bashing perfectly good commits.

How about a research before bashing perfectly good bashing?
(And look for "Do not used it." before calling it a perfectly good

But seriously, "Do not use it" is unhelpful.  Things no longer
compile for someone and all you have to offer is "you shouldn't
have been doing that"?  We can do better than that!

For GTK_WIDGET_FLAGS, for example, one could point to
a list of the accessors for the individual flags.  That is, as I
understand it, what one is supposed to use instead, even if
it is clearly not a 1-for-1 replacement.


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