Re: gtk+-2.18, win32, and OpenGL

On Mon, 2010-02-15 at 12:07 +1300, Tim Evans wrote:
> Previous with GTK+ 2.14 I had some custom code that would let me draw 
> with OpenGL into a widget under win32.  After updating GTK+ 2.18 this 
> code doesn't work properly any more, it turns the entire toplevel
> window 
> into an OpenGL area instead.
> I've gotten part way to having it work by calling 
> gdk_window_ensure_native() on the window behind my OpenGL area widget,
> but some things are still broken:

Hmmm, ideally that should not be needed. Its not on the X11 version of
client side windows. There the gdk_x11_drawable_get_xid() call will
automatically create a native window if you call it on a client-side
window. Win32 should do the same.

However, the win32 port of client side windows does not really seem
fully done. Unfortunately I don't personally have time to work on it at
the moment.

> 1. I've found I need to call SetWindowPos manually to resize the
> native 
> window when the widget is allocated.  Is this the expected behaviour?

No, this is likely another bug in win32 csw support.

> 2. Mouse events seem to be screwed up.  After clicking on my OpenGL
> area 
> widget, other widgets will not receive enter-notify-event until I
> click 
> again outside the widget, making buttons and other widgets not work. 
> Is 
> there a way to fix this?

same here.

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