gtk+-2.18, win32, and OpenGL

Previous with GTK+ 2.14 I had some custom code that would let me draw with OpenGL into a widget under win32. After updating GTK+ 2.18 this code doesn't work properly any more, it turns the entire toplevel window into an OpenGL area instead.

I've gotten part way to having it work by calling gdk_window_ensure_native() on the window behind my OpenGL area widget, but some things are still broken:

1. I've found I need to call SetWindowPos manually to resize the native window when the widget is allocated. Is this the expected behaviour?

2. Mouse events seem to be screwed up. After clicking on my OpenGL area widget, other widgets will not receive enter-notify-event until I click again outside the widget, making buttons and other widgets not work. Is there a way to fix this?

3. Are either of gtkglext or gtkglarea known to work correctly with GTK+ 2.18 on win32?

Thanks in advance.

Tim Evans
Applied Research Associates NZ

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