GSettings/DConf questions


I'm looking at GSettings+DConf as a simpler alternative to GConf for an embedded project, but there are a couple of things that are not clear to me.

  1. where does DConf keep it's database files? looking through the code, it looks like it might be in the /etc/dconf/db/<profile-name>.d, where <profile-name> is the profile name passed to dconf_client_new(). But I also came across /etc/dconf/profile/<profile-name>, a file that seems to list the 'stacking order' of the database files for a given profile, which would (I think) be a list of database file paths. I guess I am looking for clues on how GSettings+DConf gets configured and where things get stored.
  2. does GSettings or DConf support any kind of 'key security', that would allow one app (uid+guid) to read a specific key value but not write it, another app to read and write the key value, and a third app to be prevented from reading or writing the key value? This would be like GConf's path file that could specify readwrite or readwrite attributes for config sources. I haven't found anything like this in GSettings or DConf. I know about g_settings_is_writable(), but when I look at how the DConf backend handles it, it always returns TRUE.
Thanks in advance for any help, clues, or even pointers to docs or write-ups of any kind.

Jim Vishoot

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