Re: Gtk-OSX

On 27/08/10 17:48, Matthias Clasen wrote:
As long as the people working on GTK-OSX do it with a us-vs-them
attitude (like you display here by talking about the GTK developers
in third person), things are not going to change. If you start
considering yourself part of the team and actively engage, things
can and will change.

After reading the thread, I have a few thoughts on the matter.

1. I agree with Matthias, I did get the feeling there is an us vs them in the thread.

2. Equally I agree, when something new comes along, Win32/OSX are often an after thought (that's just my perception). I have spent time building packages for proprietary apps to run on Windows in the past and I know how this can be disconcerting. BUT, GTK+ is targeted mostly with X11 in mind we should not forget that. X11 has the larger use base.

I think that people that maintain backends really need to get involved more in meetings, planning, designing, etc if they want to change either of the above issues.

About having ONE sanctioned package (for Windows or MAC) I think Yes, we should be doing that, as an app developer before I was more involved in the community, there was no "right this is the distributed package we should be using", I had to download it myself and build it myself. Why not channel the work used to make the Pidgin/GIMP downloads with GTK+ into a useful package hosted on Ultimately, having GTK+ packaged *with* each app also has its benefits, like stability on Windows when others GTK+ versions exist/get upgraded for GIMP/Pidgin/etc. Additionally, one of the MAJOR features we boasted when selling our apps was that we could guarantee it worked on ALL versions of Windows (though that later changed) without needing to download .NET for that version of Windows or because something got deprecated.

About having Mac on the site, I think this does make sense. As a *user* of GTK+ porting my app to these operating systems, I don't have confidence in GTK+ when a port of it is hosted off site. I haven't checked, but I am pretty sure QT doesn't do this.

Generally, we should be presenting a more united front for application developers looking to invest time in GTK+.

Perhaps this is where we should be focusing some of the GNOME foundation's money if resources are short?


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