Re: Gtk-OSX

On 08/30/2010 08:51 AM, Paul Davis wrote:
> The logic is that despite its "*nix-type" infrastructure, this is how
> Apple has intended ISV's to distribute software, and as a result, its
> what users expect. You will rarely (if ever) see an OS X application
> that has a list of prequisites other than a particular version of OS X
> and perhaps some hardware. The notion that "too use this app, you also
> need to have the FOO framework installed" just isn't something that
> exists in the OS X user culture. 

This is only partially true.  Some apps ship as an .mpkg installer,
which  is really a bunch of separate, dependant packages that install
together.  But under the hood they are installed as separate packages
with dependency resolution.

As for users not expecting to have to install some dependency, on app in
common use, MacFusion, requires that the MacFuse .pkg be installed.
Also Office 2008 requires the Rosetta .pkg package to be installed, but
helpfully offers to install it for you.

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