Re: Website proposal for usability

2010/8/27 Martyn Russell <martyn lanedo com>:
> On 27/08/10 01:53, Devin Samarin wrote:
>> On Thu, Aug 26, 2010 at 3:22 AM, Martyn Russell<martyn lanedo com>  wrote:
>>> On 21/08/10 12:12, Devin Samarin wrote:
>>>> I finished the re-design of the GTK-Doc area:
> The title still says the GTK+ project and there is no
> "gtkdoc" title that remains
> on all pages. The current site changes the title too, but keeps the icon
> of course, so you know it is still related to GTK+.

Right, I was planning on having that changed to say GTK-Doc

> The menu is something I expected to be next to the current > menu too

Isn't that what I had before when I first updated the GTK-Doc site? It
was a subnavigation block that was grey, but people said they didn't
like it because the page was being "embedded". I think it would be
best to have either a global navigation like it is now or now having
none at all (similar to the current gtk-doc site--having only
navigation links that have to do with gtk-doc specifically)

>>>> I made it usable for mobile devices and people with smaller screens
>>> Actually, this is not really what I had in mind for smaller devices, a lot
>>> of websites have a /mobile implementation which is less horizontally
>>> challenging ;)
>> What's horizontally challenging about it? For handset devices and when
>> the width of the browser window is less then 650 pixels, every part of
>> the document flows, as there is no width set on any of the elements.
>> The sidebar collapses into a normal section of the page.
> At this point just the title image and the menu. You have done a really
> good job with the rest I must say ;)

The title image already gets turned into text when the window is too
small. Maybe you can post a screenshot since I don't have that problem
here. Or try Shift+F5 to reload without using the cache?

And well thank you I am flattered :)

> The red for me is
> nice, but a bit too bright, unlike the blue which is a soft blue. If you
> compare the old red we used, it is slightly darker.

Fixed. The red is now the same color now... But you have to append
?red to the url to see it :P

>>> - The text under headings like "Where can I use it?" on the main page are
>>> all indented for some reason and it really shouldn't be. It looks out of
>>> place to me.
>> I am gonna leave it, because the indentation greatly increases
>> readability.
> This *REALLY* bugs me :) No where else do we do this on the entire site
> and it makes no sense to have the text indented when it is already
> paragraphed and highlighted by a heading above it. It just wastes space IMO.

Okay well it's not my personal web site :) Fixed. I can live with not
indenting that much more than making the headers red :P

>>> - The "Platforms" page for "Success Stories" should really have MeeGo in
>>> there I think.

Okay I think we should probably wait until it is released first, since
MeeGo is meant to replace Maemo and if we remove Maemo, then we can't
mention the popular N900.

> The unstable tarballs should have their own heading really. Since they
> are still *real* releases, unlike using GIT which is really a last
> resort for most people just wanting to use GTK+.

Okay I changed it but it is what you were looking for?

> Thanks for the work put in here, I am a hard customer to please :P

It's no biggie :) And haha I've noticed :P


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