Re: Website proposal for usability

On Sun, Aug 22, 2010 at 2:52 AM, Mike Massonnet <mmassonnet gmail com> wrote:
> Hi,
> It looks too weird, like a built-in website into another. I don't
> believe it is supposed to be something like that. Instead of using the
> sort-of banner to link to other pages like news, put them inside a
> grey div block just like the one inthe documentation page, then it
> might look less fake-integrated. And keep the documentation link at
> the top of the page in the black banner in bold.

Well the GTK-Doc site is kind of a site-within-a-site... I was
thinking the GTK-Doc site would have it's own navigation since it is
meant to be a standalone project page. GTK-Doc is supposed to be
separate from the GTK project. Right now on, the GTK-Doc site
has a different header image, so I thought they should be separated.
The grey div blocks are meant (to me) to be either for sidebars or for
bringing attention to the text within it e.g. on the features page, so
I made a subnavigation box for links having to do with GTK-Doc. I
kinda still think it is good the way it is...

But I fixed the navigation links so at least one is bold-ed on each page.

>> I made it usable for mobile devices and people with smaller screens
>> (why not?) --you can try it by resizing the browser window's width
>> smaller and smaller in a popular non-ie browser.
> Very nice! Although the screenshot in the features page is overlapping
> on the second column.

Fixed the issue. Now when the page is resized too small, it switches
to the same layout at the current pages, or else it is the new
two-column layout.

>> Also a special layout
>> for when printing the pages. (Firefox's print is buggy though no
>> matter what I do)
> It works fine with chrome when i print a test page (to a file).
> However it is not using the full width of the page[1].
> [1]

Oh wow I see that when I do it too... Thanks I'll look into it.
Firefox's use the full width of the page. Maybe it's a zoom setting in
Chrome somewhere that is making it do that. I'll see if I can fix it.

> Here are my personal remarks:
> - the banner... I liked more space between the logo and the text; and
> I liked another font better, this one has small curves around r and h.

I agree. I'll fix it when I can since I am using Windows to design the
header (gasp!) :)

> - the grey background needs a change, either a vertical gradient from
> white to grey, or keep the monotone colour but lighter/close to white.

Okay sounds good. I do want to cut down on loading time so I put a
lighter color there. I'll fix the banner corners soon.

On Sun, Aug 22, 2010 at 2:19 PM, Stefan Kost <ensonic hora-obscura de> wrote:
>> The only page left--in my opinion--that needs polishing is the features page
> I feel the look is not consistent. E.g. in the features page you use the gray
> boxes with round corners, but in the other pages you do sometimes or not at all.

That is because the features (and the commerce/success stories) page
is meant to stand out. It is supposed to attract people to each of the
boxes to see what GTK+ can do. The other pages use a sidebar for text
that is meant to be for quick information that is relevant to the


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