Re: Website proposal for usability


2010/8/21 Devin Samarin <eboyjr14 gmail com>:
> I thought I'd give up update of what the site is looking like now, and
> I hope everyone is fine with using this mailing list.
> I have integrated tweets from in the News Feed on the main page.
> I finished the re-design of the GTK-Doc area:

It looks too weird, like a built-in website into another. I don't
believe it is supposed to be something like that. Instead of using the
sort-of banner to link to other pages like news, put them inside a
grey div block just like the one inthe documentation page, then it
might look less fake-integrated. And keep the documentation link at
the top of the page in the black banner in bold.

> I made it usable for mobile devices and people with smaller screens
> (why not?) --you can try it by resizing the browser window's width
> smaller and smaller in a popular non-ie browser.

Very nice! Although the screenshot in the features page is overlapping
on the second column.

> Also a special layout
> for when printing the pages. (Firefox's print is buggy though no
> matter what I do)

It works fine with chrome when i print a test page (to a file).
However it is not using the full width of the page[1].


> The only page left--in my opinion--that needs polishing is the features page.
> I really hope to see the changes merged on the current site
> anytime soon. :-)

Here are my personal remarks:
- the banner... I liked more space between the logo and the text; and
I liked another font better, this one has small curves around r and h.
- the grey background needs a change, either a vertical gradient from
white to grey, or keep the monotone colour but lighter/close to white.

> Devin

My 2 cents

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