Re: rendering-cleanup worries

On 23/08/10 11:07, Benjamin Otte wrote:
Alexander Larsson<alexl<at>>  writes:
I fear that we will not be
able to do this with gtk3, because there are not enough apps to expose
all the corner case issues we might hit before we release, and by then
we're frozen and may be unable to fix some issue.

This won't happen unless we get some more developers spending time on this
stuff. And so far I'd say there's just me - and a large group of
enthusiastic but worried bystanders.

We (as a company) may be spending some time in this area soon (people are on vacation at the moment) and we have already been playing with it (at GUADEC) in projects like Sapwood and GIMP to make sure everything works on top of the new changes.

Keep up the great work here Benjamin!


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