GTK schedule adjustments

I thought it would probably be a good idea to announce these
separately, instead of hiding them in the team meeting minutes.

So, after GTK+ 3 got moved back to December at GUADEC, we've decided
that we will do a GTK+ 2.24 release in parallel. GTK+ 2.22 will be
released together with GNOME 2.32 in September. The main reason for
the 2.24 release is to make new API available in the 2.x stream that
might be needed for the next part of the rendering cleanup work
(pixmap removal). In the same vein, there will also be a GLib 2.28
release to go along with GTK+ 3.

In summary:

- glib 2.26 and gtk+ 2.22 for GNOME 2.32 (Sep '10)
- glib 2.28, gtk+ 2.24 and gtk+ 3.0 for December '10

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