Re: GTK+ 2.21.6

On Wed, Aug 18, 2010 at 2:01 PM, Jose Aliste <jose aliste gmail com> wrote:

> After looking at the git log, you interpret correctly, but  I fail to
> see why do you perceive this as being bad. So, some GDK API is marked
> as deprecated, it seems fair to me that Gtk+ maintainers ensure the
> deprecated API is not used in gtk+ itself anymore. It is also a good
> test that you are not deprecating something that can't be deprecated
> (i.e. there is no equivalent functionality in cairo).

i think you missed my point. this is not about the deprecations. its
about the fact that 2.22 will contain a complete reimplemenation of
the GDK draw routines. this is happening in a branch this is
supposedly "stable". i don't understand how this can reconciled. no
API is changed in order for this to happen, but the implementations
are all new. existing programs will compile and run, but if linked
against 2.22 they will be testing an implementation that was (i
thought) aimed at the 3.0 release line. surely this stuff that should
be in 2.90 ?

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