Re: rendering-cleanup


On Mon, Aug 2, 2010 at 9:21 PM, Yasushi SHOJI <yashi atmark-techno com> wrote:
> what am I missing? or what should I do to port a RGB565 application to
> new 3.0 platform?

What are you doing with the RGB565 data? GdkImage only has three
operations really: get from drawable, draw to drawable, and manually
mess with the pixels.

If you want to continue to manually mess with the pixels in RGB565
format, just use g_malloc() to make yourself a pixel buffer and go for

To draw to or from a drawable, the options are probably 1) convert
to/from an 888 format when rendering or 2) write a bit of Xlib code to
use XImage directly.

the best approach probably depends on details of your app and why it's
using RGB565


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