GConverter commited

I just commited GConverter to glib master (in gio). GConverter is a
generic interface for streaming data conversion. Shipping with gio are
converters based on iconv and zlib compression/decompression.

Additionally there is GConverterInputStream and GConverterOutputStream
for doing the conversion automatically as part of reading or writing a

At the moment the compression support is just zlib, but theoretically it
should be possible to make decompression a generic extensible thing so
that extensions can ship other compression algorightms that are picked
based on file sniffing. I'm not 100% sure this is all that useful
though. And for compression its not quite possible since the exact
parameters used for compressions vary for different compression

Please check out this API and give comments on it. I think its pretty
good, as we've talked about this a bit on irc over the years, but
feedback is always good.

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