Re: Xinerama-Setup and Extended Input devices (Screen Mode)

On Sun, 2009-11-22 at 00:24 +0100, Alexander Roalter wrote:
> When I use Screen Mode with my Wacom Tablet, Inkscape and GIMP (both
> using the gtk xinput) show the following behavior: since I limit the
> Tablet to only one screen (1680x1050), but my entire desktop spans over
> three screens (1680+1680+1920x1080), if I draw a circle, on the canvas
> of Gimp I see an ellipse which is approximately three times as wide as
> it is high.
> this means, that in screen mode the coordinates are the data from the
> tablet (in the 16000x12000 range) converted to the entire screen
> (5280x1080) instead of that of the current screen.
> I therefore made the following change, which takes into account the
> current screen's size, and at least for me now everything works as it
> should: a circle on the tablet becomes a circle on the canvas.
> Mind you, this happens only in screen mode (but that's apart from Window
> mode the only mode where pressure sensitivity works).

That code looks correct to me, though the coding style isn't followed.

Could you please attach your patch to bugzilla, as a git formatted
patch, and make sure you insert spaces and line feeds as appropriate to
follow the style of the existing code?


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