client side windows - request for testing and reviewing

The client side window branch is now feature complete on X11, and
includes API to do offscreen window embedding (with patches for
clutter-gtk availible to test this). Today I merged the latest master
into the branch to make it easy for people to test it (its got the new
so version).

I fixed the last known (to me) bug yesterday (an obscure WM interaction
issue on loading the saved session), and am running this as my default
Gtk+ without issues.

The win32 branch is getting some work done by Cody Russell, and the
Quartz backend used to work fine but requires some minor API change
updates (hopefully Richard can do this soon, CC:ed).

It would be very nice if we could merge this soon. However, to do that
we need more testing and people to look at the code. As things stand
right now I've gotten essentially zero feedback. I don't know of anyone
except the two backend porters who have built or looked at the code

So, please, please, please, test this code. We need people who run
"uncommon" apps to test it, and we need people to run it on apps they
know really well so we can find minor changes in behaviour.

Also, anyone who knows gdk or have an interest in this, please take a
look at the code and give feedback.

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