Re: gtk-doc for non-library.


Ali Abdallah schrieb:
> Hi,
> I want to document C code written let's say in files obj.c obj.h
> contain GObject, signals, properties, in order to doc these gtk-doc
> needs the _get_type function to produce GObject doc, but this code is
> not a library and i don't want to have .la  library in the project
> just to doc the code.
there is a gtk-doc mainling list and a #gtkdoc irc channel :)
You can document applications. Split your app into a ls convinience
library and a tiny fron-end that contains main(). Then the docs can link
to the la convinience lib. They need to do that for introspection. This
is also useful of you want to write unit-tests for your application
code. I do that in buzztard. See:

> I wonder if someone can help.
> Thanks.
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