Re: utf-16 and glib

Philip Withnall escribió:
On Tue, 2009-01-27 at 00:19 +0100, Martin (OPENGeoMap) wrote:
If we have for example a DWG binary file we have for example 15000 utf16 strings. If i use glib i need make 15000 translations utf16/utf8 to use the utf8 glib api. When i need save the file i need make other 15000 translations. There are thounsand of formats using utf16. I don´t love utf16, but I "MUST" use utf16 in the real world. I am not the guilty of existence of utf16 :'( .

If you find that really is a bottleneck, there's nothing stopping you
from writing functions _in your app_ which would deal with the strings
as UTF-16 throughout the process of loading and saving.

In modern languages like D the solution is the native support for utf8/utf16/utf32 and now in glib the solution is build your own utf16 library. I can not believe me that :-[ . <> <>

I don´t want say we "MUST" add more support to glib. I only say most software developers works with utf16 text and many of that people are not "fan" of that encoding but they must use it in the 100% of the source code.




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