Re: g_malloc overhead

Paul LeoNerd Evans escribió:
On Sun, 18 Jan 2009 17:43:57 +0100
Martín Vales <martin opengeomap org> wrote:

Other overhead i see is the open dir/file funtions, where in windows we need do the utf8 to utf16 everytime in windows. If JAVA,.NET and Qt use utf16 by default why in gnome world we use utf8 by default?.

Probably one of the biggest reasons, is that UTF-8 does not use \0
octets, whereas UTF-16 does. This means that UTF-8 data can transparently
pass through all of the usual str*() functions in C, such as strlen(),
strcpy(), etc...

I can see the advantages of use utf8 but the true it´s most of people use utf16. I know gnome/linux/cairo/freedesktop promote utf8 but most people use utf16:


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