Re: Gtk+ 3.0 Theming API Hackfest Minutes

2009/2/23 Morten Welinder <mortenw gnome org>:
> Were there any discussions on fault separation between the
> application and the theme engine?
> The current state of affairs is that theme engines have a long
> record of crashing applications or even changing their functionality.
> When that happens, the user blames the application and, sometimes,
> files bugs against it.  Application developers are left with bugs that
> cannot be reproduced.

Notice that all that is going to be accessible now is the cairo
context, no access to widgets, gdk window, whatsoever.
So things are going to improve a lot here.

We can't save applications from a SegFault from an engine. But with
our current design behavior cannot be changed anymore.

> Morten

Un saludo,
Alberto Ruiz

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