Re: GLib plans for the next cycle

From: "Vincent Untz", Date: 14/02/2009 01:25 :
> Le mercredi 11 février 2009, à 11:31 +0000, Alberto Ruiz a écrit :
>> 2009/2/11 Matthias Clasen <matthias clasen gmail com>;:

>>> This would allow us to move forward with several things in GTK+ that
>>> will work much better if they can use DBus:
>>> - session support
>>> - unique application support
>> Would DBus be swappable here for something else on non freedesktop
>> environments? (Windows, Mac)
> In the end I don't expect the use of dbus in the rest of the glib/gtk+
> stack API to be visible (but maybe I'm naive here).

Might this be the next step towards getting the N in GNOME...? Why can't an application export a sub-set of its widgets and actions over D-Bus/Bonobo with little more than a couple waves of a GTK helper function? I understand that more advanced D-Bus functionality would still require specific handling, but basic functionality for all widgets could be provided through a standard "network interface" attached to GtkWidget, requiring only that the widget (and possibly its parents) be named and "enabled" (possibly though a flags-like functionality mask).


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