'Suspect' libglib-2.0 when launching Ardour2.8.4


I use Glib2.22.0, which I compile with GCC 4.4.2 using just './configure --prefix=/usr'. The whole compile and install process returns no errors.

Since this linux box is optimized for audio, I use Ardour DAW most of the time. When I try to run Ardour, however, I get this warning:

" WARNING: Your system contains a suspect libglib-2.0. Your version might be built
         to use mutex locking atomic operations. This is a fallback solution to
         a more robust hardware supported atomicity. It might cause reduced
         performance and/or deadlocks. Please contact your distribution support
         about this issue.
         Unfortunately this check is not 100% accurate, so this might not be
         the case with your system. "

This is also my 'Configure's output:


Paul Davis, the main author of Ardour, also asked me to run the following:

nm -D --radix=dec --defined-only /usr/lib/libglib-2.0.so | grep -w g_atomic_int_add

which returns:

00072976 T g_atomic_int_add

Is it one of the flags that I have to change in "Configure" in order to change this???

Configuration: P4 3 00GHz, kernel 2.6.31-rt9, GCC4.4.2, ATI Radeon 9550.

Thanks in advance,

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