Re: Proposal: Enable threads by default

> I'll start with the proposal and then explain the reasons for it:
> Starting with next glib release: 
> * libgobject links to libgthread
> * g_type_init() starts with:
>  if (g_thread_supported())
>    g_thread_init (NULL);
> #endif
> This means that everything above gobject can rely on thread primitives
> being availible, and that global stuff in glib (mainloop, gslice,
> globals, etc) are threadsafe.

Will this enable my library that uses only GSlice to be used from
non-GLib-aware applications that use different threads?

Specifically, I have a library that internally uses GSlice and
GHashTable, but I don't expose any GLib details. I link my library with
Java and other applications that use pthreads. Will this make GSlice
work OK? How can I avoid calling g_thread_init() from within my library?



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