Re: Proposal: Deprecate tab-pack child property in notebook for 2.18

2009/8/27 Kristian Rietveld <kris gtk org>:
> On Mon, Aug 24, 2009 at 3:34 PM, Alberto Ruiz<aruiz gnome org> wrote:
>> So my proposal is to deprecate this child property for the 2.x series,
>> so that we can get rid of it by 3.0, (meaning 2.18?).
>> This would allow a long overdue cleanup in the notebook codebase and
>> make it more manageable to include other features (tab sliding
>> animations ala Google Chrome as an example?)
>> Any thoughts? Am I talking crack here? Matthias? Kris? :-)
> Okay I consulted Carlos on this one, because I thought the property
> was operating on the contents of the tab, but apparently it is about
> the tab itself.  I fully agree that this is an "interesting" feature
> ;)  I also see how this complicates the code by at least a single
> order of magnitude.  When removing, the functions that Christian
> pointed at should be taken into account.  (Maybe deprecate those two
> functions and have separate accessors for the remaining tab-fill and
> tab-expand properties?).

That sounds like a plan to me, might spend some time on that after my
exams (you're not the only one with college duties ;-), that won't be
before the 15th though.

> What I am still wondering about is the history of this feature.  Why
> was it included in the first place?  Carlos says he thinks this was
> included because of some effort to make all containers obey the same
> child properties.

I don't have any background on the story of the feature, but TBH and
If anything, PACK_END should just set the tab to be the last in the
order, but I don't think pack start/end makes any sense here.

I mean, unless I'm missing something and this deprecation breaks
something really badly, which I'm 99% is not the case, we should kill
this nonsense :-)

Un saludo,
Alberto Ruiz

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