Re: Notes and thoughts on the GTK+ meeting at GUADEC


One of the items I haven't seen discussed is input validation. Web frameworks such as Rails and Django spent a great deal of time making these easy to work with and I think that it should be considered for gtk+ 3.0.

FWIW, I hacked up a crude idea[1] a few months ago. If others are interested in this feature, and willing to give me API guidance, I'd be willing to spend the time to implement it.

As primary features, I think it should cover,

  * Integration with GtkBuilder to build validations at design time
* Ability to chain a validation request on button activate in a dialog and suppress the event if validation fails * Validation split into reusable validators and reusable style modifiers
    - Range validator, Regex validator, etc
- Style modifier, or with css we can add/remove classes based on validation result

Comments and suggestions appreciated,

-- Christian


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