Seed 0.6 Released

Today I am happy to announce the point release of Seed 0.6. This is a
somewhat incremental release, and so the album for this release is
"Beatles for Sale".

Tarballs are available at

For those not familiar, Seed (, is a
library that bridges WebKit's JavaScriptCore interpreter, with
the GNOME platform. Using GObject-introspection, Seed provides
automatic bindings around most GObject style libraries. In addition
Seed has an API, which in combination with GObject-introspection can
be used to easily enable your GObject application to be made
extensible with JavaScript (This is currently realized in the Seed
extensions for epiphany). In addition to GNOME libraries, Seed
can also access OpenGL, a significant portion of the POSIX API
(based on Python's OS module), readline, and sqlite. More
modules can easily be written through a C interface.

Bugs are welcome at

A changelog is below. Despite being somewhat incremental, I think
there are a few important fixes (notably the GType, signals and
closure fixes).

== Seed 0.6, Beatles for Sale ==
* Significant build fixes and cleanups. Should build on more distros
  with weird libffis now.
* Depend on GObject-introspection from GIT.
* Some API additions.
* Reimplement Seed.import_namespace in terms of the new imports system,
  will be entirely deprecated for 0.6.
* Improve memory management in signals and closures.
* Rewrite the GType subclassing to avoid using FFI,
  saves memory and improves performance.
* GType "init" now means "constructor" and not "instance init".
* Signal installation, is now handled by an array on the type definition
  rather than in class_init (which was clunky and C-like).
* Lots of new documentation, including a documentation index, a description
  of the mapping from C to JavaScript, an example index, and updates to
  the rest of the documentation.
* Significant cleanup of all of the examples, a lot of them had bit
  rotted a bit, being written months ago.

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