Re: GtkPlug not chaining up to GtkWindow's keys_changed handler?

On Sat, 2009-04-18 at 17:22 -0400, Yu Feng wrote:

> In GTK 2.14.4, GtkPlug does not chain up to GtkWindow's keys_changed
> handler. (gtkplug.c:1043 and gtkwindow.c:7937)
> The effect is that the key hash in the 'gtk-window-key-hash' data member
> of the window is not updated whenever the mnemonic keys are changed, and
> any newly associated mnemonic keys are ignored.
> Are there any particular reasons for this behavior or it is an honest
> typo?

It could be a typo/oversight/etc.  This is not the first time that
GtkPlug has had a bug due to failing to "sync up" with GtkWindow.

Do you have a little reproducible test case for this problem?


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