Re: Object finalization and automatic signals disconnection.

Matthias Clasen wrote:
On Wed, Apr 8, 2009 at 4:30 AM, Ali Abdallah <aliov xfce org> wrote:

g_signal_connect //(instance, detailed_signal, c_handler, data), if the
object which connects to this signal is freed and the instance is not so the
signal is not automatically disconnected, next signal sent by the instance
is guaranteed to produce a SIGSEV.

It is very annoying in these cases to disconnect all the signals by hand (by
id, or name or whatever), unfortunately i didn't find something like
g_object_disconnect_all ( like in motif for example), and i have read
somewhere that this is planned for future versions of glib!

Do you know more or less when this is going to happen?
Do you have a better work-around approach than disconnecting the signals by

g_signal_connect_object is what you want.

Unfortunately, makes
it much less useful than it could be, and my patch to fix it never got
But this is known to be buggy right! so better to avoid using it specially if it is going, who knows, to be deprecated.

Anyway it seems that the work-around described in the API doc is a better idea, until the function gets fixed ( 6 years old bug ).

Cheers and thanks for the help.

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